Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just Rambling

Hi there!  Sundays are my favorite day of the week and I hope you had a good one.  We started the day off with church.  All three of the kids went with us and it touched my heart as there is no other place I would rather be than worshiping God with my family.  There is nothing sweeter than watching your three children go the altar and pray together. Our church family is so loving and supportive as we begin this journey.  Pat and I finished our evening spending it with our Life Group.  Kelli and Jeff had great veggies and dip for us to  munch on.  If you would have asked Pat and I if we would be a part of a life group several years ago, we would have just laughed at you.  Sharing life authentically with each other has helped us to grow in our walk.  You study the word together, pray together and you are accountable to each other. Plus we laugh a whole lot! Our Life Group has now been together for three years now and they are precious to Pat and I. We love you guys!  Tomorrow is the day we leave for Tulsa. The hardest part, besides the fear of the unknown that lies ahead, is leaving our kids. My girlfriends and I have bragging rights with each other and I hope that I can with you also here in this journal.  It was so hard for Matt to leave today to go back to school.  But, Matt your dad and I are so very proud of you.  As a young boy you had the heart of an old soul and your walk with the Lord grows stronger every day.  Keep up the good grades.  Elizabeth, what a funny, sweet and loving daughter you are and all that you have accomplished just makes your dad and I so proud to be your parents.  Your growing your business stronger each day and that is quite an accomplishment in such a short time, Garrett, you tall thing, as I watch you grow I  see the man you are becoming and the love you have for God.  I also see the great friends you have and what support they are to you,. We are so excited about watching you play basketball in just a few weeks.  What joy that will bring us,  I don't get to talk to my girlfriends as much as I would like.  I was just thinking about some of the things we might be chatting about should we have that leisure right now.  I bet you want to know how my no sugar in my diet is going?  Well, not bad.  You wouldn't believe how many sugar grams that are in everything you eat.  I am waiting for that craving for a sweet tea or Dr. Pepper would go away. Thanks for asking!  I have to remember now that it is "eat to live and not live to eat".  I have a lot to do before we leave tomorrow.  Thank you again from this Easterling family.  Please know that we love you and covet your prayers.  I will catch you tomorrow!  

Loving Him,
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