Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank You From Matt

The following post is from Matt who said I could copy it from his Facebook posting:
I don't even know where to start, but the reason why I'm writing this is to thank everyone for their love and prayers they our pouring out to my family. also it is hard to reply to everyone at once to update them on how I am doing, there are just so many people to reply to so I thought I would do this all at once.
Currently I am still going to school in Waco and it is so hard being away from my family on a weekly basis when all this is going on. This is all just a surprise to my family and I. As most of you know my dad fought off esophageal cancer a few years ago, and I thought we would be done with this mess. Well apparently we are not. In my opinion I feel like God has blessed me with the two most amazing parents who are my prayer warriors for whatever I need. They are a inspiration to me and my strength when I need it most of all.  So my question to God constantly is why?? Well I still haven't found an answer. As a 20 year old I still remember the sayings "my dad can beat up your dad", or "my dad is stronger then your dad", simple things saying my dad is invincible. Isn't that what dads are supposed to be? It's hard hearing someone putting a time limit on my dad's life. because my dad is a very strong man and has an amazing walk with Jesus Christ. I know God has a plan for all of this, and will not take my dads life if he has not fulfilled his purpose on this earth. I don't think God is done with him! At ALL! I believe God is about to show his healing powers through my dad and produce a miracle in front of our eyes, bringing others to Christ through my dad. and giving my dad a strong testimony  and a chance to share it with others for many years to come! 
I'm not afraid to admit it but there are many nights when I just curl up in my bed crying myself to sleep thinking about all this. but knowing God will provide if I have faith, but there is always a sense of fear because my family is my world, and us 5 together could take on the world with our strength in Christ! I know to get through this all I need to be strong around my family and to use my friends to cry on and ask for help, because I know the strength through one person can rub off on 4 others. So I am asking you my friends to keep praying and pouring your love out to us. This is all hard to take all in at once and grasp. I ask you will pray for strength as I am at school to me and my family.  Also I ask prayers for positive thoughts, courage to have faith, peace about all this, comfort, and to have faith that God is in it with us and won't leave us. Pray for my brother as he is only in high school, my sister who is starting a new adventure in the adult life, my mom to stay strong and continue her amazing walk! And for my dad I ask a bunch, that God will give him a peace about this. show him a sense of direction, comfort him knowing he has so many people praying and he is in Gods grip. but most of all I ask that you pray God will HEAL him and allow him to use his testimony!
once again I thank all of you and appreciate the love and prayers. the nice texts/calls I get mean so much knowing Ican lean on all of y'all! 

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