Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Love Visitors!

Happy Thursday!  We had a great treat today!  My little sister, Kelly, my brother-in-law, Brian, and my niece and nephew, Brianna and Kelton stopped by and spent the morning with Pat and I.  It is fall break in Oklahoma and they are on their way to watch the OU game in Missouri.  My sister is so precious to me.  If you don't know her, she is the exact opposite but we look a lot alike.  First of all she is 5'8" and very soft spoken.  She is easy going, takes things in stride and loves numbers. They live in Yukon, Oklahoma, just outside of OKC.  She is a CPA and works for the IRS as an auditor (now that gives me comfort!) How I wish we lived closer to each other.  These past few weeks she has been right beside us!  We love that family so much.  Another good news is that pain management was able to get Pat's pain under control.  He is now wearing a pain path.  He feels better today than he has in several weeks.  Pat had his MRI this morning and that went well.  He doesn't like confined spaces, so that bothered him quite a bit.  Tomorrow we meet with the team here at the center to go over all of Pat's tests and listen to their treatment plan. In the lobby of the Center there is a "gold" tree on the wall.  If you have been cancer free for over five years, you are invited to put your name on a gold plate on the tree.  The tree almost filled to the top.  I want to take a picture so that you can see what I am describing.  What hope, love, prayer and encouragement we have received here every single day.  What an amazing place, but nothing like home.  We miss our routine, our jobs, friends/families, kids and Cash our dog.  Elizabeth said this afternoon that Cash is sad and not eating well.  It feels so good to journal here and love reading your words to us.  God Bless You!


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