Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where is my dad?

Good morning!  I bet this sweet guy is missing his dad right now!  Gosh, we miss him.  It has been morning around here for quite a while.  Not a good night.  Pat had extreme itching with the jaundice, so I spent probably two hours through the night scratching him with my nails.  I told him that these nails are worth it!  He also had some vomiting through the night.  Pat's attitude is good.  He slips in a few jokes with me and the nurses.  His mood is sad and reflective.  I have read few of your journal entries to him, but it stirs so much emotions when we read them.  But, know we love and need these words of encouragement and mostly your prayers.  

Pat is finishing up his third glass of Cranberry juice ala Contrast.  He will go down for CT when he finishes it.  

I will be back on here again when we hear results.  

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