Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Life Group

Our Life Group
Greetings!  Pat and I just had a walk around the block just now.  It was so pretty,  Cash enjoyed it as he got to accompany us without his leash.  

Today was pretty busy.  We hung out this morning at the house.  Matt was still here and Garrett came home from a friend's house early and crashed on the couch.  Sorry you had to go to the office. Elizabeth.  We missed you.  Matt went back to Waco, so we miss him now!

After lunch Pat and I went to get his hair cut and then went for a visit to the church.  It was great seeing all of our very close friends at FBC (First Baptist Burleson). There is not a better place to work.  I just love my job and so blessed to go to a place I want to be each day.  Our last trip was to his office, Clear Choice, and then to the new HEB.  Not a good day to go on a holiday!

Pat and I started a new diet today or I should say life style change.  In all of our reading we have found that sugar/fructose is the worse thing Pat can put into his body as his just feeds the cancer.  I have joined him and today we began our diet of no sugar or fructose.  All those that know me sweet tea or Dr. Pepper.  You can put me on your prayer list for this one.  Pat has done much better than me so far, but I did not cheat today,.

Dad and Michele came by today!  It was so great to see them.  They were on their way back from New Mexico for an annual Cancer Reserach Roping Benefit. Nothing like a daddy's hug.

We did not receive a call yet for an appointment with Cancer Center of America, but should hear from them tomorrow.  Pat's oncologist is out of town for another week, so that may be a closed door for now.  God will show us and we are waiting for that confirmed direction. 
Pat's back has really been hurting and this concerns us the most, so we will continue to move quickly.  

FYI you Iphone lovers....CaringBridge has an app. and so each to use.

We love you.   Your words and encouragement are carrying us.  The picture I have attached (it only lets me attach one picture for each post) is our Life Group...our heartbeat!

Love from the Double E!
Pat, Paige, Elizabeth, Matt & Garrett
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